Saturday, June 14, 2014

The Glorious Cross of Redemption

The Glorious Cross of Redemption by Katie Sperry  2014

This was done in acrylic on canvas during our evening worship service at church. It was finished in about a thirty-five to forty minute time span. As the artist it is amazing as the paint goes onto the canvas I seem to know just what to do... as if I have knowledge about the process and the medium I am using that is seemingly instinctive in nature. These works of art are all original and came to me through prayer and praise as I worshiped God right along with the congregation, musicians and singers. It was as if my paint and paint brush were instruments wielded unto the God who makes the music of the soul come alive visually here.

If you would like for Katie Sperry to come and to minister as a speaker or expressive worship artist, she can be reached at She would be happy to explain more about this new ministry and her original expressive worship artwork can be seen at the following blog:
Katie Sperry is a licensed minister with The Assemblies of God. For over thirty five years Katie and her late husband were in ministry together. Her two sons and their families make their homes in the Southern California area as well. She and her husband, Rev. Steven R. Sperry, served as lead pastors in five Southern California churches. She makes her home in Norco, California. Called by God to share His love for the world at the age of fifteen, she follows the call now into evangelism to all God sends her to. She ministers as a soloist as well as a speaker. She is a storyteller and draws analogy relevant to the hearers and sound teaching from the Word of God to lead all to the foot of the cross. With truth and humor she draws on her years as a "pastor's wife" and that of grandmother, mother and wife to share the heart of the Father. God has granted her a slice of life that is unique and relevant to the world we live in.

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